About Me

Jerry Wheeler

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

National Certified Counselor (NCC)

Understand your beginnings, strengthen your now, craft your future.

Whether you’re a couple finding echoes of the past in today’s disputes, struggling to articulate feelings without diminishing your partner’s, or yearning for tools to bridge the gap between mutual understanding and true connection…


Together, we’ll move toward self-awareness, and understanding how your shared histories shape the present. We’ll work the skills together, because true connection — much like any skill — can be learned and practiced.

Clients describe me as both empathetic and straightforward.

Expect me to be upfront. I’ll own my missteps, speak out when needed, and always respect the weight of your experiences. No topic’s off-limits here, whether it’s sex, finances, or gender dynamics. And yes, let’s not shy away from the unexpected laughs that come with deep dives into oneself.

As your counselor, my own growth’s on the line too. I won’t guide you down paths I haven’t treaded, because I get it — diving deep into therapy is no small feat. But trust me, it’s a journey with payoff: transformative growth and tangible change.

Here’s the Deal…

My mission is to anchor your relationship in trust and mutual understanding. It’s not just about navigating storms but sailing together with shared purpose and intent. Couples counseling with me goes beyond patching up differences. We delve deep, building on connection, managing conflicts with empathy, and fostering a shared narrative. The goal? A relationship that’s not just about weathering challenges but crafting a meaningful journey together, where both partners thrive authentically.

My Guiding Principles


Past experiences shape our current narrative. Recognizing this, I help you pinpoint these historical influences, dismantling the patterns that no longer serve and cultivating those that align with your genuine self and partnership values.


A harmonious relationship is often disrupted by anxiety, miscommunication, or dissatisfaction. My goal? To recalibrate and restore balance. Together, we’ll strategize on being deliberate in actions, understanding motivations, and effectively channeling energies to nourish the relationship.


Promoting a mindset of reflective inquiry is key. Instead of being purely reactive, I guide couples to pause, evaluate, and intentionally choose their response. This is about understanding the stories we tell ourselves, and making the effort to first grasp our own feelings and those of our partner, before taking the next step.

Training & Education


I advanced my passion for relationship-based mental health and behavioral therapy with clinical training and practical experience through The Center for Applied Psychological and Family Studies at Northwestern University, the unparalleled theoretical education division of the Family Institute at Northwestern University, in Chicago, Illinois. Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling, 2019.

Professional Development
  • Gottman Method Level 1 & 2
  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy – Basic
  • TF-CBT Certificate
  • CSAYC Level 1