Relationship Coaching, Counseling, & Therapy in Indiana

Relationships Rebuilt

(or remodeled)

Strengthening Bonds, Brick by Brick: With the guidance of the Sound Relationship House, decide whether to renovate the spaces or lay a fresh foundation. Every love story deserves a happy home.

Sound familiar?

You’re both committed, intelligent, and aware. But, you find yourselves at a juncture where intention doesn’t always translate to connection. The patterns of misunderstanding, the recurring disagreements, and the weight of life’s demands have clouded your bond.

How about this?

Your efforts to communicate often circle back to the same unresolved topics, making you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel of emotional fatigue. Conversations that should be simple turn complex, and moments of intimacy are overshadowed by lingering tensions (if there is intimacy). The path forward seems uncertain. Your love is steadfast, but the roadmap to reclaiming harmony feels elusive.

It’s Time To Get To Work

Pen drawing of a broken heart mended by a tree's roots, with a person clinging to its base and heart-shaped leaves.

Here’s What We’ll Do…


Delve into the concrete pillars of your relationship, identifying what holds strong and what requires attention.


Adopt a dual lens: understanding your partner’s perspective while maintaining clarity on your own stance.


Address the challenges, informed by over five decades of research from Dr. John Gottman, that have subtly and overtly shifted the dynamics of your relationship.


Ensure open, effective communication, eliminating guesswork and fostering genuine understanding.


Design boundaries that respect individuality and promote collaborative growth.


Equip yourselves with evidence-based strategies for a dynamic relationship that stands the test of time.

Evidence-based Intervention

You’re stepping into a therapy approach that’s built on decades of extensive research and observation of thousands of couples. Imagine having the peace of mind that the strategies you’re learning and the guidance you’re receiving are grounded in methods scientifically shown to work. This isn’t about quick fixes; it’s about lasting changes tailored to your unique relationship journey. Because your love story deserves the best tools in the book.

The Four Dimensions of a Healthy Committed Relationship

Deep Friendship

The foundation of healthy committed relationships

Healthy Conflict

Healthy conflict fosters connection and growth

Intimacy & Romance

The outcome of consistently turning toward your bond

Shared Meaning

The outcome of supporting each other’s life dreams

Where to begin?

Turning toward the relationship can be extremely difficult when you’re suffering.

When you make each other suffer, it is because you both are suffering deeply within yourselves, and it is spilling over. You need help. That’s the message you are sending to each other.

I'd like to help you feel emotionally safe enough to turn toward your relationship.

Is it even worth it?

This can be a tough question, to say the least, if you’ve been suffering for a long time.

Relationship work is about learning to carve out your sacred space in a meaningful relationship, and that is always worth it (because you matter).

We'll discuss the three paths you must consider before beginning your work: Keep the status quo, part ways now, or do some guided work for a period of time, then decide.

What’s next?

Research in couple’s therapy suggests momentum is a key factor in positive outcomes, because it helps you to make progress and stay motivated. When you are feeling stuck or hopeless, momentum can help you to see that change is possible. It can also help you to stay focused on your goals and to avoid getting sidetracked by setbacks.


1. Schedule and attend your free consult

Free consults are provided to answer questions, check the vibe between us, and to confirm I am the right fit.

2. Schedule and attend your first couple's session

This is an 80-minute session designed to begin the assessment process. This session is semi-structured, and we’ll follow a handful of specific topics/questions to capture the information I need.

3. Complete online assessment individually

The online portion of the clinical assessment is conducted individually, and the two of you will receive direct invitations via email. You will not be able to see your Partner’s answers. A comprehensive report is generated, and will be discussed at our planning session.

4. Schedule and attend your individual sessions

I’ll meet with each of you individually to gather more insight into your perspectives of the issues you’re facing. I’ll also explore your relationship history, including family of origin relationships.

5. Schedule and attend you couple's feedback and planning session.

This is the session of the clinical assessment process, and will be used to discuss my feedback and assessment results. We will also collaborate on a plan moving forward.

6. Ongoing sessions per the collaborative plan, and module work at home in between sessions (if you wish).

Momentum is key, and frontloading your work will help remove me from the process sooner than later.

Not ready for therapy?

This may help…

Want a DIY Approach?

Use the same DIY modules I provide my clients…