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Counseling, therapy, and coaching for discerning couples ready to invest in their bond, and the effort necessary to prevent the end of their relationship now, or in the future.

Pen drawing of two stick figures with heart-shaped voids in their chests, one offering the other a heart-shaped flower.
Sketch of two stick figures; one releases a heart-shaped balloon after cutting its string, while the other watches in disbelief.

You love each other. But that doesn’t mean things are always easy.

You’re arguing more than you used to. The simplicity of the early days is gone. You’ve grown closer and more committed, but it’s like disappointment and frustration have grown, too.

There have been a few big fights here and there, but it’s the smaller arguments that are starting to really add up.

You love each other, but you’ve begun to wonder if you’re truly right for one another. You don’t want that to be the case, but you also know these concerns need to be addressed in order for you to move forward with wholehearted confidence.

You don’t want to continue your relationship like this.

Something has to change — in yourselves and in your relationship as a whole — if this is going to work out.

Pen sketch of a stick figure trying to mend a cracked and broken heart using safety pins.

You’re ready to:

  • Understand why these things are happening, so you can actually change them

  • Be able to see your partner’s perspective without giving up your own

  • Navigate differences that are impacting how you connect to one another

  • Feel heard and understood in your relationship

  • Create healthy boundaries that support you & your partner as a partnership

  • Equip your relationship for future success

Meet Jerry

We’re Wounded in Relationships, and We’re Healed In Relationships

Resolving relationship conflict is often about connecting your past to your present, and learning how to communicate your experience while honoring the experience of your partner. In other words, the “work” is about self awareness and skill, and skills can be learned and practiced.

Headshot of Jerry Wheeler, LMHC, NCC, the clinical counselor behind J. Wheeler Private Client Group, LLC.

What’s Next?

Save Your Marriage Before It Begins

Clinical Premarital Counseling

Few of us are relationship ‘artists’. Weaving two lives into one takes artistic skill, and skills can be learned and practiced.

I'd like to help you set the stage for an incredible partnership and life together.

Save Your Marriage Before It Ends

Clinical Couples Counseling

Relationship work is about learning to carve out your sacred space, and honor that of another.

I'd like to help the two of you foster deep friendship and shared meaning.

Not ready for therapy?

This may help…

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Try a DIY approach?

Use the same DIY modules I provide my clients…

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